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  • Kitchen Equipment Sale

    E-commerce Online Shopping Website visit: The website is a full online shopping cart system with a client administration section to allow the website owner to update and amend products, categories and orders. The system is built upon the Magento Shopping Cart Software. The system allows for user comments and feedback on products once they have been purchased. Design Project:  E-commerce Web Application / Online shopping Cart (magento) & Design with SEO Analysis and implimentation.   Tools & Languages:  

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  • Banks 4 Business

    Banks 4 Business Created by Nick Bowen Freelance Website Designer visit: This website is a simple 1 page presence, it is built with promotion and marketing as the primary purpose. The website is optimised to attract visitors who are interested in rural and business banking services, and to provide a one point of contact for reputable banking services. The website produces leads on provides target clients to organisations listed on the website.

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  • How to choose keywords for your website

    Friday July 20 2012

      How to Pick the Right Keywords for Your     Website Kate Headen Waddell - Tue May 12, 2009 @ 10:24AM Understanding web keywords The term “keywords” actually refers to words orphrases that search engines like Google use as one piece of the search result puzzle. When choosing keywords, it’s helpful to think of your website as a delicious snack in the grocery store, and keywords as the label you put on it to tell the search engines what visitors are going to find inside. I say that they are only one piece of

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  • IntroVideo

    Freelance Graphic Designer and Developer for IntroVideo I was approached by Intro Video a few weeks back to have a look over their existing website and offer some suggestions. It was fairy obvious, after looking at what they had developed so far, that they needed my help and direction to get the website online, looking professional and  reflect the function and feel of the company... Making Videos for Business! This old site was scrapped and I came up with this one. The main function was to showcase their products and prices, provide contact details and to give the consumer the

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  • Promoting your Business using Social Media

      I have had a lot of clients ask me lately how to get more members to join their Facebook pages, so here are some of my thoughts, research and findings. First off, let's talk about what social media is. Social media represents low-cost tools that are used to combine technology and social interaction with the use of words. These tools are typically internet or mobile based. A few that you have probably heard of include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers, customers and potential consumers. It p

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  • Cufon Fonts Not Working in IE9

      Why expect anything else from an upgrade of Internet Explorer! This morning it deciding to break a lot of my website navigation systems, on many of my higher end websites! I’d like to just expect IE9 to render websites correctly but being a web designer, you can’t leave things like that to chance.   The issue ended up being that I was Using Cufon Fonts for most of the navigation menu's for the sites that appeared to be rendering incorrectly. Please contact me if your website is not rendering correctly.   SIMPLE FIX! - simply update t

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  • 8 Ways to Market and Promotion Your Website

    Here are 8 Quick pointers on how to better promote your website and build your web presence. Email Marketing Online Advertising Social Media Interactions & Connections Paid Banner Adverts and Networks Blogs Forums Search Engine Optimisation - website and content Search Engines Contact Nick Bowen for details on how these services can help get your website and business working for you.

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  • New Business Cards Have Arrived! Happy Much!!!!

    Nick Bowen & Nijo Dream are going under major renovations and I have decided to transform the look and functions of the business. After it taking me years to finally decide on a logo and design, I am very happy with the new addition and outcomes so far. The new look is what I call "Modern Retro"... and is made up of my initials "NB"  into a funky modern and visually strong image. Love to hear your feedback on the new look and website. The site  is set up on a shell/platform so that I can keep adding content and information for all who are interested

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