Freelance Web and Graphic Designer

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Regional Surrounds for over a decade.

I am an innovative, passionate, highly creative and experienced web developer, marketer and graphic designer, currently freelancing and consulting based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I am a professional at building Websites, Web Applications, Apps, User Interfaces and Graphic Designs... I am client focused and results driven, a little quirky and love to have fun while communicating the message.
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When it comes to the internet and anything related to technology. I just love it (which i think, puts me in the nerd category :)... I have been working within the industry since graphics were little square box shapes on the screen. These days the internet, graphic design and web development has to be one of the most exciting and for ever changing industries to be working within, I love the challenge and continually learn new ways of doing things...

My marketing knowledge and experience helps so much when it comes to portraying your message while also keeping the user engaged, and ensuring everything translates into more enquires and leads... Search Engine Marketing is now regarded as the most important way to having your website working for you, you cannot just simply place a website on the internet and expect google to put you at number 1, above the competition!... not like the old days when us codies had our secret ways to get you to the top for free... Today it is an industry in itself and I have expert business partnerships that will help with this once I have created your master piece.

I will soon have a range of Design Packages and Specials for websites and branding to help you get started, and to give you idea of costs and outcomes. My design and creative brief process has worked well for over 10 years now... you can read more here.

I'm looking for exciting and innovative projects to sink my teeth into, if you want my skills and experience to look after your project click here for a free quote, Look forward to hearing from you.