Building a website, Let the pro do it!

Phase 4 - Birth

Nick Bowen uploads the final solution onto the Nick Bowen server and/or meets with you for final inspection and presentation of your project. 

You then provide any final content changes. If graphic or structural changes are requested, additional charges may apply, as sign-off has already been given for graphic production/Mock-ups. 

Nick Bowen applies final changes to the solution and presents to you. 

You then sign off on the final project solution and make a final payment to Nick Bowen. Nick Bowen uploads (or otherwise delivers) the project to its final agreed upon location. 

If printing is required a presentation of the final results is presented to you. Upon acceptance of the final outcome you then sign off and make a final payment to Nick Bowen including all printing costs and handling.

'Then your cigar - sit back and admire your efforts knowing the correct solution has been created and your needs have been fulfilled .  But... It is no not over... It has only Just begun!'