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It is just about impossible to quote on a house before a plan has been made. What type of frame do you want? What type of roof? Is it a lowset or highset home? Do you want a pool? How many bedrooms? Quality fixtures?. The list goes on. It is the same when it comes to quoting a website or visual language.

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To quote on a website or design project a solid understanding of the end solution, its purpose and what it contains needs to be identified before any estimates can be produced. This is why Nick Bowen has established " The 5 Phases of Production ", a process model to give you your desired outcome.


We all are unique and so is your business. Does your business need a simple online brochure outlining your services, fees and products, or is your business requiring a comprehensive database driven application that allows users to shop online and users to receive a monthly newsletter? Do you need a content management system which allows you to updated and edit the site at anytime?


Nick Bowen will help you identify these needs and give you estimates accordingly, To request a fully refundable consultation or assessment on your current visual presence please click here or phone 0422 723 423 to arrange a time that suits you to develop your unique design and strategy.


Nick Bowen offers a fully refundable consultation fee that is taken off the price once you choose Nick Bowen for your design. Click here to request a quotation or ask for more information